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Welcome to TGA Casino & Hotel Management

TGA Casino & Hotel Management is a group of highly experienced gaming and hospitality professionals with over 20 years of gaming and hospitality experience amongst them and since its conception, back in 1989, has been involved in numerous casino and hotel operations in various parts of the globe. All associates involved in casino operations for TGA Casino & Hotel Managementare holders of licences issued by the UK Gambling Commission for at least 5 years or the Nevada State Gaming Commission, which ensures their honesty, trustworthiness and professionalism.

* Feasibility Studies
* Conceptualization of projects
* Implementation of projects
* Preparation and implementation of marketing program
* Recruitment of staff
* Loss Prevention
* Management Company Interface

TGA Casino & Hotel Management is a full service hotel and casino management company offering exceptional hospitality management services and quality products. For further information about our hotel management services click here.


Casino Management 

In the beginning, casino management was not tuned to formal training and standards, perhaps due to its emergence from mob influence and haphazard development. Today, casino management requires a high degree of skill in a general business sense as well as expertise in casinos, such as knowledge of gaming laws and regulations.


Casino Gambling

Casino gambling, and especially casino poker, used to be considered as a shady business. Today, the whole industry has a far better reputation. Casinos are serious companies, whether they be an online casinos or a mainstream casino and gamblers are not automatically viewed as degenerated. As a result of this, people expect professionalism from both sides of the table –from players and casino personnel. From poker to roulette and bingo, online gaming and the concept of gambling as a whole have come a long way in terms of being deemed respectable.

Casino Staff

Without a high quality staff, a casino is going to struggle. For every level of casino operations, they are required to maintain the high standards of the casino. You need to have a recruiting process that allows the quality to shine and eliminates the mediocre. Then you need to train them so that they are both knowledgeable and professional.


TGA Casino & Hotel Management is a consultancy company with high levels of professionalism, integrity, experience and knowledge and our casino management agreements are fair and provide organisations with the opportunity to be able to run their own gaming businesses after just a short period of time. Thanks to us, your customers will have the best possible live casino experience.

Simon C Smart


For the history of TGA Casino & Hotel Management please visit the History page.





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