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TGA Casino & Hotel Management Services

* Physical Security Reviews
* Investigations
* Internal Control System Set-Up
* Security Programme & CCTV Set-Up
* Employee Screening
* Security / Internal Control Training
* Security Personnel Placement
* Risk Management & Safety

TGA Casino & Hotel Management's specialists have years of experience in internal audit and security and can provide the best service available to our clients. We can set-up an Internal Control/Security Program from scratch for new or expanded operations as well as existing ones.

- to reduce unnecessary costs, protect capital and improve operations.
- we will review, test and recommend any changes necessary to existing internal control systems.
- we will identify insecure areas, possible areas of fraud and show how to combat them.
- we will produce a report assessing vulnerability in all areas of business operations including purchasing, inventory control, revenue, receiving, employment, accounts payable/receivable, fixed asset control, computer and physical security. With the benefit of our wide experience and resources, following careful analysis and research, we will identify main areas of weakness and provide the most suitable services to improve performance and profitability.
- we will establish a Security Manual especially compiled for each individual business. Covering practical guidelines and standards to establish and/or improve security measures in pre-employment screening, security training, drug abuse, external theft etc.

TGA Casino & Hotel Management can also help with casino mergers and acquisitions, representing both buyers and sellers. If you are considering investing in a casino project you could improve your visitor experience, save on equipment and staff costs, and increase your profitability by talking to TGA Casino & Hotel Management.

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